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Our activators are designed to give you choice and versatility.


Liquid activators are designed to be used with our black & white colour bottles only. Suitable for Any shade between a level 1 & 10, and also with 11 series if you are using the 11 series for toning/glazing only.


0% contains no peroxide, and is designed for use as a diluter to other activators.


0% is pure, purified water with Stabilizer and Chamomile flower extract. We recommend using 0% as a diluter to any of our liqiud activators.


For example,

- mix 1 part 12% activator 40 vol with 1 part 0% activator 0 vol to make 6% activator 20 vol.


- mix 1 part 6% activator 20 vol with 2 parts 0% activator 0 vol to get a 1.5% for toning or a glaze.


- Mix 1 part 0% to 1 part 3% to make a 1.5% for toning.


Using 0% on its own will not work, as there is no oxygen carrying the colour pigment throught the cuticle layers to the cortex. Must be mixed with a higher strength activator to achieve desired results.



Wear suitable gloves. Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse immediately if product comes into contact with them. Should symptoms persist, seek medical advice. Store in a cool, dark place. Always follow instructions carefully. External use only. Keep out of reach of children. Strictly for professional use only.

Liquid Activator 0% 900ml

SKU: OCS400900
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