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Neo - an alternative style of salon education..


NEO...... "New, revived, modified 

We emerge in the now, in a different form. Not better than, just different than what you have seen before. We are ourselves, we are different, we are inspired, we are Neo 

Explore, Learn and Thrive with NEO.

Education is the cornerstone of our philosophy, woven into the very fabric of our approach.


We extend our distinctive experiences and expertise to the world, both through in-person EDU and online platforms. Our educational journey is unparalleled.


At Neo's core lay values that embody integrity, innovation, and simplicity. We empower individuals to make informed choices by providing education and inspiration to foster a different way of thinking and uncovering the truth.


Our offerings encompass essential product know-how, creative styling, cutting techniques, color mixology and theory, with imaginative approaches to color.

Our purpose is to assist you in reaching your highest potential. You embody the talent, and we serve as that extra element, enhancing your best qualities and your essence to bring out the very best in you.

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