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Hair | Scalp | Soul

Harmonizing the internal and external selves to create ultimate Radiance

Scale Up With

Hair | Scalp | Soul

With Nichola Hand &
Jeri Barry

Are you ready to ignite transformation and elevate your business to a whole new level? You've arrived at the perfect destination! We're thrilled by your interest in the realm of Hair | Scalp | Soul Workshops. Our unwavering commitment to this field, combined with our dedication to education, fuels our daily pursuits. We eagerly anticipate your participation in this remarkable journey alongside us.

​A significant demand exists among clients seeking assistance with their Scalp and Hair concerns, as well as Self Care and Healing. Whether it's addressing issues like hair loss, inflammation, irritation, dandruff, Psoriasis, or simply fulfilling a profound desire for self-care, and healing, the need is undeniable!

Meet the Team!

Nichola Hand - Hair Scalp Soul Sessions, Neo Salon Solutions

Presented by Nichola Hand,
Owner - Neo Salon Solutions.

Nichola's journey of 27 years is a beautiful tapestry of passion for education, creativity, and a deep-rooted respect for our planet, uniquely woven into the world of hairdressing. 

Her foundational experience began with Francesco Group in the UK, where she completed her apprenticeship, her time there bought her to assist her mentor at Salon International, and travel around UK. She then set her sights to Manchester, and joined Vidal Sassoon, Nichola completed her 6 month Vardering - perfecting her cutting skills. During her time at Sassoon's Nichola had won a competition to be sponsored by Hairdressers Journal, which took her around UK to various shows and seminars. Then she found her niche with Toni & Guy. Her talent and dedication not only propelled her through the ranks but also across continents, ultimately positioning her in Sydney. There, she managed the Toni & Guy flagship salon academy, led the staff training and vardering program in cutting techniques, and later became a co-owner of Toni & Guy North Sydney.


Over the past 17 years, Nichola has been a Master Stylist and Colour Master, and has embraced the role of Australasian Education Manager for Organic Colour Systems. This position saw her imparting wisdom to forward-thinking hairdressers across Australia, New Zealand, and even extending to regions like Asia, the U.K., and the USA. She has racked up a massive 29 years in the Industry and is looking forward to imparting her knowledge and wisdom to you.


A creative soul, Nichola is a photographer, crafty goddess, conscious creator, avid reader of anything that stretches her mind and loves crochet and embroidery. She trained under Jeri for her Reiki 1 & 2, and incorporates Reiki and Hair | Scalp | Soul Sessions into her own salon services.


Beyond shaping the future of Neo Salon Solutions and Organic Colour Systems Australia, Nichola pours her magic and shares her Alchemy into her Gold Coast based salon, Publik Salon.

Jeri Barry - Reiki At The Rock - Hair Scalp Soul Sessions, Neo Salon Solutions

Presented by Jeri Barry,
Reiki Master - Reiki At The Rock.

As an intuitive Reiki master, my role is to serve as a conduit, harnessing the body's innate healing capabilities to enhance and sustain health and well-being. Reiki, a natural therapeutic practice, delicately harmonizes the body's energy systems, promoting stress reduction, relaxation, and anxiety reduction. This healing art involves the practitioner channeling energy from an infinite source (universal life force) to the recipient through gentle hands-on contact.

In addition to Reiki, I incorporate sound therapy, utilizing shamanic drumming and singing bowls, as well as crystal healing and channeled guidance into my holistic approach. My journey has been deeply rooted in a profound calling and connection to this work, involving years of study and practice in various healing modalities. My background lies in Celtic Shamanism and sacred ritual, and I also hold the role of a registered marriage celebrant.

A decade ago, I established my own Reiki sanctuary, which has since blossomed into an integrated practice. Here, we offer healing sessions, Reiki training, workshops, women's circles, and retreats—all designed to guide, mentor, and facilitate a reconnection with your authentic self, unveiling the beauty of your divinity.


The essence of a healing session is to provide you with profound serenity by tapping into your innate wisdom. I work intimately with nature and its myriad healing properties. During our time together, you will receive channeled guidance, creating a safe space for your healing journey and actively engaging in your path to wellness.

Hair | Scalp | Soul Sessions

What are
Hair | Scalp | Soul

Hair, Scalp & Soul sessions are gaining global popularity as people seek convenient ways to alleviate stress and save time in our fast-paced world. In the midst of life's pressures, clients are increasingly drawn to effective solutions for reducing stress levels and promoting self-care.


Through our own business's, we've observed a significant trend among clients discussing their scalp and hair concerns, particularly in the post-COVID era.


This prompted us to recognise a connection between scalp and hair issues and the stress, anxiety, or situations demanding heightened self-care.

There is a growing demand for supportive, and complimentary services addressing scalp and hair issues, whether it's hair loss, inflammation, irritation, dandruff, coupled with a profound need for self-care and healing.


  • Elevate your business to new heights, and stand out in 2024.

  • Strengthen your reputation for providing exceptional care to your clients.

  • Attract clients seeking not only your skills but also a healing connection.

  • Boost your pricing, referrals, clientele, and/or product sales.

  • Stand out from others in the industry with a very special niche service.

  • Greater stability and security in your business.

  • Optimise your work life balance 

  • Strive to be the very best version of yourself!

  • Bid farewell to burnout.

  • Prioritize self-care.

  • Attain certification in Reiki 1 & 2

  • Incorporate the transformative practice of crystal healing into your healing work.

A glimpse into some of the topics we explore.

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And So Much More!

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